Power Zone Nutritional Support

There is no exercise that will undo the effects of habitually poor food choices. At Power Zone, we take out the guesswork with Metabolic Typing and Personal Trainer Food.

Metabolic Typing

The Metabolic Typing Test involves taking a 45-minute online questionnaire. Your results provide detailed information about the way YOUR body processes food for energy, and offers a comprehensive diet to go with it. You will know exactly which foods to eat and in what proportions to eat them.

Email Yvonne@YvonneGreer.net for more information.

Personal Trainer Food

Personal Trainer Food allows you to choose those foods fuel you best and ships them right to your door! Personal Trainer Food uses ONLY Natural foods like Meats, Vegetables, Eggs, Nuts and NO processed fillers, sugars, starches, noodles, rice, potatoes, gravies, etc. The convenient 'heat & eat' packages allow you to eat natural foods while maintaining your busy lifestyle. Get a large variety of filling portions that taste great. Try it risk free… 100% money back guaranteed!

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